Williamson County Assault Crime Defense

Williamson County Assault Crime Defense

Williamson County Assault Crime Defense

Dispute may occur anytime between family members or friends. Even a simple argument leads us to serious criminal charges. And if anyone takes legal action against you for this type of reason then you are really in trouble. Here, throughout the central Texas, Dax Garvin provides you support regarding this type of bodily injury and family violence. And we offer you free primary consultation to settle your problem in regards with Williamson County Assault Crime Defense.

Williamson County Assault Crime Defense regarding Family violence:

Family problem sometimes leads us to violence or physical injury that may result badly if the injured take legal action. Then the court may take away your parental authority. Even it can send you to jail and fine large amount (up to $4000) according to your case. But if you are convicted of family assault then it’s considered as a felony in most of the central Texas. So even though it’s your first charge for family violence, hire an experienced and reputed lawyer who can defend you from all types of charges against you including:

  • Violence with children, partner or friend
  • Violations of proactive order by you.

Such legal actions also can be charged against a person who is dating with another and not sharing common living area.

Williamson County Assault Crime Defense against a Criminal Act – Physical assault:

If family assault causes physical injury, police will arrest any suspected person related to the assault.

Family assault means normal fighting to aggressive strike with deadly weapons, and this type of case are severe in the law. In case you are convicted of this type of bad family collision and injured party take action against you, then you will not be allowed to keep firearms (any type). If you are not a U.S. Citizen then your visa will be cancelled. And the court may sentence you to stay away from your family for a certain period, depending on your charge.

So if you are facing family violence or bodily assault charges and want help from a believable & expat person then please contact Dax Garvin to get free initial discussion and legal help regarding Williamson County assault crime defense